Can Trigen get us to 100 percent renewable? Yes it can.

By Jonathan Prendergast

A look at the possible benefits of Trigenereation and Bio-gases to reach an 100 percent renewable electricity and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


Submission in Response to: ‘Proportioning of Energy used by Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems’ By NABERS

By Prendergast Projects

Prendergast Projects were pleased to submit our  response to NABERS ruling on the ‘Proportioning of energy used Cogeneration or Trigeneration systems.’

Prendergast Projects Review of The NABERS ruling – ‘ Porportioning of Energy used by Cogeneration or Trigeneration systems’ (opens in a new page)

Click here for a list of submissions on the NABERS Page. (opens in a new page)


Submission in Response to: ‘Power from the People – Inquiry into distributed generation’ By: Victorian Competition & Electrical Commission

By Jonathan Prendergast

The Victorian Competition and Electrical Commission recently called for submissions in response to their ‘ Power From The People – Inquiry Into Distributed Generation’. Prendergast Projects Submission can be viewed below

Prendergast Projects – Response to Power to the People Inquiry by VCEC (opens PDF 815 kb)

Click here for list of submissions on VCEC Inquiry page, including Prendergast Projects’ submission (opens in new tab)


Case study: Aalborg in Denmark taps alternative low carbon energy

By Jonathan Prendergast

A look at district energy systems in Denmark providing cheap low carbon energy and heating and how they can be applied in Australia. (opens in new tab)



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