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Jonathan Prendergast

Jonathan is consultant in the energy sector with a particular focus on solar power
and energy efficiency. He has consulted to Universities, Renewable Energy Project Developers, Councils and Property Developers, primarily in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. He works both as an external and in-house consultant, often on project based work. Jonathan's deep understanding of energy markets, contracts and procurement enables him to unlock new business models to deliver projects. He has lead several innovative and market leading 'Australian first' energy projects (see below), and continues to update his knowledge through industry forums and
pilot projects."


Jonathan Prendergast: little thanks for embedded generation

By Jonathan Prendergast, Prendergast Projects 20 January 2014 — Embedded generation has the potential to reduce peak energy demand during heatwaves, helping to increase security and reduce the need for costly ...
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Is it worth getting ‘Battery Ready’ solar?

Before we get started, any solar system can get batteries added on later. This means the first ever solar system was battery ready. And you don’t need to worry too ...
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Is it time to get a battery for you home?

We get asked this a lot as part of the Sunny Shire Community Solar Bulk Buy. It’s a tricky question. Read More
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Consumption Monitoring – How to unlock your solar potential

If you’ve participated in the Sunny Shire community solar bulk buy, you’ve probably had us recommend consumption monitoring. We’ve even had a couple of people reply ‘yeah, we get it!’! ...
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Why more gas supply won’t reduce gas prices

Since the mining of gas in the Bass Strait 50 years ago, Australia has had abundant supply of gas. The gas was used to provide heating and hot water to ...
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Go Big: Six reasons why you should be a rooftop solar champion

Recently we got solar. After 15 years of inner city living, we finally were in the ‘burbs, with a detached house and nice roof to put some panels. Read More
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